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The Walking Dead 2x10 + 2x11 Reviewed

18 Miles Out

Shane, Rick and the punk Randall go on a road trip. Shane justifies his crapulence, Rick talks a lot and the womenfolk cook. Beth the farmer’s daughter lies in bed moaning.

Randall irritates. Rick and Shane beat each other up and a horde of zombies attack because everyone in this show is a moron. Lori berates Andrea for daring to hang out with the men folk instead of cooking and cleaning with the women. Lori goes on and on about how keeping watch is men’s work and providing stability is women’s work. Andrea tells Lori off, she should have slapped her. Maggie is her usual dumb thankless self. This bored: Lori and Maggie are the two biggest wastes of perfectly good oxygen.

Judge, Jury and Executioner

Daryl beats up Randall and gets disturbing info about Randall’s gang out of him. Dale blathers as Rick and co plot how to get rid of Randall. Shane plots. I’m sick of Dale and his lecturing. Carl is an idiot and even he thinks Carol is pathetic. There is lots of yapping.

Hershel washes his hands of the Randall situation, Dale continues to be an irritating old fart as he gets up on his high horse and Carl waders off to harass a zombie. Why don’t Rick or Lori watch their child after he got shot?

Dale preaches and people are apathetic. Carl is a jackass and engages in egregious misconduct. Dale wanders off on his own (during a zombie apocalypse) and the zombie Carl was throwing rocks at earlier eats him.

Dale getting chewed on like the dude from 'Day of the Dead' ‘was the funniest thing this show has done. But still this ep was crap.

Best Lines:
“Who says we’re civilised anymore?”

“Every time we have a problem around here, who you thinks behind it?”
“Some might say you.”

“That could get out of hand.”

“You once said we don’t kill the living.”
“That was before the living tried to kill us.”


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