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Teen Wolf 2x06 + Breaking Bad 2x11 Reviewed


Allison lies to Lydia, uses her and makes it all about her. There is no parental supervision. There is a stupid fight scene. Mr Argent tries to shoot things. Stiles is a moron. Scott and Stiles crash a bar. A weirdo shows up in Lydia’s garden.

Danny is nearly killed by his BFF. Why does Derek stay in this town of horrible horrible people? The Argents are revolting morons. Jackson is a jerk. Grandpa Argent is creepy. Allison does no training.

Scott and Allison are vile people and terrible selfish friends. This was bad. When you want 99.9% of the cast to die violently, you know a show has issues.


A dealer is shot and thus Walt and Jesse have no distributors. Things fall apart again. Saul sets up a meeting with a low profile big time dealer who has been working uncaught for 20 years.

Jesse gets even more pathetic, Jane hurls herself off the sobriety wagon and Walt really thinks he is Scarface. Skyler does a tacky Marilyn Monroe impersonation and uncovers nefarious goings on at her job.

Walt and Gus make a deal. I do not see good things coming of that. This was crap. Slow moving and boring.

Best Lines:
“Who do I look like Maury Povich?”

“You two suck at peddling meth.”

“You can never trust a drug addict.”

“Drug dealer getting shot? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s been known to happen.”

“If you miss it don’t ever show your face in here again.”
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