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Movie Review: Crowhaven Farm (1970)

This TV movie sees a farm left to a man who promptly dies in a flaming car wreck. The farm then passes to an idiot woman named Maggie and her jackass husband Ben. They move to the creepy estate.

Maggie mutters about reincarnation and does not want to live there due to visions. But Ben does and his word is the law. Crowhaven Farm has a back story of puritans and witch trials. Creepy events take place, they do not move away.

Ben does not want Maggie working. Maggie hears weird noises and is patronised by the badly dressed neighbours. Ben and Maggie care for the creepy Jennifer and then Maggie has a baby. Ben ignores his wife’s distress, his attitude is rooted firmly in the Neolithic age.

Maggie finds weird artefacts and has a crisis. The ending is weird and really makes no sense. This is good even if the ending is odd and has a lot of psychotically dangerous women.

Best Lines:
You’ve come a long way from that fourth floor walk up in the village.”

“The coven? What’s that?”
“The witch equivalent of a bridge club.”

“What is unfinished must be finished. What is unavenged must be avenged.”
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