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Dark Shadows Review Part 4

Episode 9

In 1790, Josette is freaking out over her dead husband. Victoria is arrested as a witch and Angelique brings Jeremiah back from the grave as a zombie. Jeremiah jumps off a cliff in horror, no doubt he looked in a mirror and saw his terrible zombie make-up. Barnabas learns Angelique is a witch and kills her so he can finally get it on with Josette.

Peter Bradford is to defend Victoria on the charge of witchcraft. After he stops Reverend Trask and his bushy eyebrows doing nefarious things to her, Victoria tells him she is from the future. Michael T Weiss looks good in candle light. Josette now loves Barnabas again and instantly forgets Jeremiah, but before she and Barnabas can get it on, a bat on a string turns Barnabas into a vampire. Meanwhile back in 1991, Dr Julia and her man hands are possessed by Angelique. This was an okay ep, Barnabas just doesn't cut it as a tragic hero. He is too harsh and cold.

Best Line:
"Angelique daughter of the devil. May the worms grow fat on your flesh and may you know as much suffering in hell as you've caused here on Earth."

Episode 10

In 1790 Barnabas rises from his tomb as a vampire, you can tell as he sports overdone blusher, thick lipstick and plastic fangs. He feeds on Millicent, a blowsy lady of the night and Josette. In general the 1790 storyline is more interesting than the 1991 storyline. Meanwhile in 1991, Joe sees Barnabas feed on Carolyn. This was okay.
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