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Book Review: The Touch of Twilight

The Touch of Twilight: The third Sign of the Zodiac by Vicki Pettersson

The 1st book in the series was good, the 2nd was dire and the 3rd restores this series to form.

Joanna is still a superhero, her evil Tulpa daddy is STILL around being undefeatable, Joanna keeps screwing up and getting conned and doing dumb things. Also Joanne is still obsessed with Ben the ever useless man candy. Ben is being corrupted the evil villain Regan. Oh and during all this a doppelganger is running around being cryptic.

The world building: scents, auras, changelings, comics and record keepers keeps getting ever more complicated. Lots of plot is set up for a 4th entry in the series. This is enjoyable.
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