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Quotes of the Day

I have put ‘Besieged’ to the side for the moment and am reading ‘Ghost Story’.

‘Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning’ trailer
Luc is the baddie now? Where is Ally Walker’s character? JCVD and the Dolph are still unisoling away. Looks okay.

Moone Boy’ Quotes:
“Mum says you were a mistake.”
“Not a mistake, an accident.”

Raising Hope’ Quote:
“Your mat says welcome, unless it’s being sarcastic.”

‘Gates’ Quote:
“Has mummy taken her Tuesday pills on a Monday again?”

‘Accused’ Quote:
“I killed her because I couldn’t hurt her.”

Ghost Story’ Quotes:
“It had looked like a cheap Halloween decorations outside a crack house.”

“Monster. They’ll write books about you.”

“Justin who had adopted me and trained me to grow up into monster, and who had eventually decided I wasn’t tractable enough and attempted to kill me. It didn’t go as he planned. I killed him and burned down his house around his smouldering corpse instead.”

“There were other cities to prey on - cities that didn’t have the mad wizard Dresden defending them. They feared you.”

“You don’t know how many things just didn’t come here before, because they were afraid.”

“You never even noticed the shadow you cast.”
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