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True Blood 4x06 + Supernatural 7x03 Reviewed

I Wish I Was The Moon

Bill annoys with his face pulling and ugly suit. Bill plans to murder Eric. Terry and Arlene’s house burns down. Andy is cracking up. Tommy cracks up. Tara’s girlfriend (who can’t act) stomps around in a huff. Sookie gets fired.

Sookie has boundary issues. During the Spanish Inquisition, vampires persecuted witches and now it is payback time. Debbie and her idiot man candy walk around in the woods. Sookie is incapable of saying thank you.

Luna is tricked. Jason and Jessica bond. Bill is a jackass thug. There are spirits and weird goings on. Pam responds to everything with more and greater aggression. Sookie and Eric get it on. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“The ghost of my serial killing ex fiancée just tried to murder us in our sleep.”

“Listen up slumlord.”

“It’s a life or death situation.”
“Another one?”

“Now I know why you shot him.”

The Girl Next Door

The promo for this ep was utter crap and this ep is utter crap. Bobby shows up and the whole cliff-hanger ending of 7x02 is tossed aside in a badly edited cop out. Bobby is a jackass. Sam has flashbacks to 1998 and a badly acted annoying solo mission.

Sam takes off on Dean and looks up Amy a girl he met in 1998. Bobby is oblivious and stupid. There is a shout out to ‘My Bloody Valentine’. This was badly acted and pointless.

Amy is a monster and Sam covered up for her in 1998. So Ruby wasn’t a one off. Who is the father of Amy’s child? It is never addressed. John’s drink problem is brought up yet again, nobody ever did anything about that did they? Dean cleans up Sam’s mess as ‘Kill Bill’ is ripped off. This was appalling.
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