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Book Reviews: The Outstanding Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes + Burning Water + April Fool's Day

The Outstanding Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes by Gerard Kelly

A enjoyable collection of interconnected Holmes pastiches. Leaving aside the occasional asspull ending, this was good.

A Slaying In Suburbia
Holmes solves a shooting. Dull.

The Mystery of the Golden Cockerel
Holmes solves an over elaborate murder in a French restaurant. Silly.

The Mysterious Death of the Kennington Verger
Watson’s niece needs Holmes to save her man from a murder charge. Okay.

The Riddle of the Carstairs Legacy
A man will inherit a fortune of he can solve some complex riddles. Okay.

The Mystery of the Locked Study
A suicide takes place in a locked room. Or does it? Okay.

The Adventure of the Black Arrow
A woman is kidnapped. Holmes and Watson to the rescue. Okay.

The Paddington Pyromaniac
A firebug is loose. Dull.

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Good Ship Alicia
Holmes solves the mystery of a vanished ship. Good.

Catacausis Ebriosus
Holmes and Watson are called to the scene of a mysterious death. Okay.

The Prodigal Quest
A man comes looking for his long lost family. Good.

The Mayfair Strangler
A serial killer is on the loose and Holmes must stop him, while Watson blusters. Good.

The Chamber of Sorrow Mystery
The duo expose a fake medium. Okay.

The Peddler of Death
A murderer strikes. Good.

Burning Water by Mercedes Lackey

From 1989 comes this 1st of the 3 Diana Tregarde Investigations Lackey wrote before inexplicably abandoning the series.

Detective Mark Valdez met Diana Tregarde at college in 1970 during a spell gone wrong. Now in the ‘present’ she is a romance writer, investigator of unnatural events and a witch. Together Mark and Diana fight a mass murdering malevolent evil loose in Dallas.

This is good. We get hints of back-story, a fight against a very old evil, author tracts on the wonders of the neo-pagan movement and magic. This was a good read.

April Fool’s Day by Jeff Rovin

A novelisation of the 1986 comedy horror about Muffy St John‘s unforgettable party at her island home. Rovin has cut out all the comedy and added a lot of unpleasantness, classism and misogyny. Instead of being harmless idiots, the characters are now all perverted unpleasant offensively stupid thugs.

Also the plot is altered and the toxic immoral jerks aren’t the least bit entertaining. There is too much mealy mouth dialogue, violating of boundaries, waffle and inappropriate goings on. This is badly written and a let down as the movie’s sense of fun is utterly absent as all the characters keep their tickets on the bitter bus.
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