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Survivors Ep 5

"Walk away from the cities of the dead and build a new world."

In between TPTB inserting mocking references to the original series, the creepy scientists grab survivors off the streets and experiment on them and people continue to worship Abby. Greg finally suggests they plan out how to survive the next 20 years. Grimness is suggested by a dead sheep. A religious leader and his followers ask for shelter. Abby and co act like smug, selfish idiots.

Abby and co have plenty of room but make the visitors sleep outside. Abby and co then compensate for the lack of tv by watching one follower give birth. Everyone celebrates by drinking loads of alcohol. Where they got it from isn't explained, nor do they explain the sanitary arrangements for so many people. Anya bonds some more with the creepy violent Tom.

The religious leader turns out to be mentally ill, something none of his followers noticed before. This was a ridiculous episode.
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