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What Might Have Been Volume 1: Alternate Empires book review, part 2

What Might Have Been Volume 1: Alternate Empires edited by Gregory Benford and Martin H Greenberg, part 2

Everything But Honor

A man from a world where the US civil war went differently tries to fix things and only makes things worse. Dodgy.

We Could Do Worse
A short nasty account of a very different USA in 1956. Good.

To The Promised Land
The Exodus failed and now 2000 years later, a second Exodus is under way. Mediocre.

Bible Stories For Adults, No. 31: The Covenant
The Ten Commandments were destroyed by Moses and never reconstructed. But now a computer has pieced the shards together and the world awaits to hear what was lost so long ago. Good.

All Assassins
JFK and Oswald’s lives are different but sadly similar. Bad.

Game Night At The Fox And Goose
A woman hears a story of an alternate world where things are different. This makes no sense and the ending is bizarre.

Waiting For The Olympians
Rome never fell and now the Empire prepares for first contact with aliens. Very, very good.

The Return of William Proxmire
A man goes back in time to kill a sci-fi writer. Weird.
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