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Book Review: What Might Have Been Volume 1: Alternate Empires

What Might Have Been Volume 1: Alternate Empires by Gregory Benford and Martin H Greenberg, part 1

A collection of tales set in the universe next door, it’s better than ‘Places to Be, People to Kill’.

In The House of Sorrows
A tale of a city wracked by religious strife and war. It is very good, even if the point where history changed is somewhat obscure.

Remaking History
A bizarre tale about a group of people remaking a movie about the successful rescue of the Iran embassy hostages. It’s okay but I don’t see what the point of this story is.

Counting Potsherds
An emissary of the Persian Empire visits conquered Greece and finds something that was lost long ago. He just can’t understand what it is. This is good.

A former US spy and a former Soviet spy have a chat on Mars. This is a dated look at the future.

more to come!
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