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Teen Wolf 2x05 + Breaking Bad 2x10 Review


Jackson is an abusive jackass to Lydia. Isaac is cleared of murder charges and returns to school to the horror of Stiles and Scott. WTF is wrong with them? They know Isaac was horribly abused by his vile father and they don’t care.

Lydia has visions, TPTB obviously saw ‘Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II’. Allison is stupid, rude and callous. This was idiotic, stupid and terrible. The lizard person is revealed and it looks like Mystique from the ‘X-Men’ movies.

BTW There is a ‘Teen Wolf’ novel out: ‘On Fire’ by Nancy Holder. I won’t be reading it because a) terrible cover and b) it’s TEEN WOLF.


Skyler throws a party. The flashforwards continue to hint that something interesting will happen at some point just not in this ep. Walt is a jackass. Walt Jnr pukes. Skyler flirts with her boss and makes sour faces whenever Walt breathes the same air as her. I know we’re supposed to sympathise with Skyler and pity her for marrying a repressed crazy drug dealer man. But I can’t stand her. She is an emotionally adulterous shrew.

Janes’s dad Donald (John de Lancie of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’) shows up. Jesse says yo a lot. Jane shows she is mean and manipulative. Walt goes DIY crazy and intimidates people in parking lots to show he is a big man. All hail king Walt. Skyler and Walt are perfect for each other. He is a horrible troll of a man and she’s a shrew. This bored.
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