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A 1997 Tape Tale + other stuff

The rumours about ‘Supernatural’ season 8 worry me.

Doctor Who’ series 7 promo
Daleks, dinosaurs, robots, Matt Smith showing off some bad acting, creepy statues, Amy not shutting up, more River Song, Weeping Angels and over dramatic line delivery. Not buying what they’re selling.

Best Line:
All the people who died because of my mercy.”

‘Grimm’ 1x03 promo

‘Grimm’ 1x06 promo
This looks gross.

Grimm’ 1x07 promo

‘Grimm’ 1x11 promo
Oh yeah.

‘Grimm’ 1x22 promo
Oh dear, the typical duplicitous idiot girlfriend plot rears its ugly head.

‘Hollyoaks’ Quote:
“You’re a gothy tramp!”

I am reading ‘What Might Have Been Volume 1: Alternate Empires’.

Cleared out a tape from 1997. It began with the ‘American Gothic’ ep ‘To Hell And Back’ in which the local drunk overacts and Matt makes it all about him. Caleb and his irritating friends bother an old man. Lucas Buck does not seem to do any actual police work. Matt is over wrought and hallucinates. I never saw the point of Selena and her slinking. Matt used to be a sanctimonious drunk, now he’s just sanctimonious. This was bad.

Then came a ‘Forever Knight’ ep ‘Near Death’ in which a man dies and Nick meets a crazy female doctor who experiments with Near Death Experiences. Natalie wears ugly clothes. The doctor gives Nick an NDE via a bit of plastic. Nick has visions of himself in a bad wig that rip off ‘Flatliners’. This was dull and Nick’s endless bleating about the hardship of immortality grated. Man up Nick! Why did he never tell Schanke his secret?

Best Lines:
“Is there an afterlife? Yes. Can you just knock and walk in, visit anytime you like? I don’t think so.”

“Then I am damned.”

Then came another ‘American Gothic’ ep ‘Triangle’ in which Gail is knocked up and testy. Caleb is taking after his daddy. Selena and the annoying Dr Peele do boring crap. Gail sees a monster face in her ultra sounds, it’s utterly stupid. Gail freaks. Lucas sneers. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“You don’t have a heart. You’re not even human.”

“Touch me again, I’ll vomit on you.”

“I don’t do anything, things just happen.”

“Your extra curricular research in the narcotics supply room.”

Finally there was ‘The X Files’ ep ‘Jose Chung’s From Outer Space’ in which an author tries to get the truth of what happened when a teen couple were abducted by aliens. He gets a tale of MIBs, lava monsters, hypnosis, Mulder getting excited over a Bigfoot video, an alien autopsy, conspiracies, fake memories and a deliberately absurd deception. This was enjoyable even if Jesse Ventura went way OTT as a sinister MIB.

Best Lines:
“The only thing you were abducted by were your rampaging hormones you punk!”

“A couple of Men In Black. One of them was disguised as a woman but wasn’t pulling it off. Like her hair was red, but it was a little too red, you know? And the other one. The tall lanky one, his face was so blank and expressionless.”

“A ticking time bomb of insanity. His quest into the unknown has so warped his psyche. One shudders to think how he receives any pleasures from life.”
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