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Revenge 1x13 + True Blood 4x05 + Supernatural 7x02 Reviewed


Emily uses the fact that Charlotte is her half sister to her own ends but it does not work out like she intended. Nolan meddles. Daniel proposes. Emily wants Amanda to go away.

Amanda and Victoria have tea. Emily does not seem to care about proving her father’s innocence. Ashley annoys. Conrad wants nothing to do with Charlotte. Declan gets way less screen time. The spoilt Charlotte cannot handle not being daddy’s princess. Emily has an unlikely ally. Victoria gets more disgusting. This was good, the soap opera lets rip. It is still not up to the level of ‘Profit’ however.

Best Lines:
“Walk away from this sham of a marriage with whatever I deign to give you.”

“His house didn’t just burn down accidentally.”

“Charlotte is the daughter of the most hated man in America.”

“I’m going to go to the loo and drown myself in it.”

“I’ve just never seen him look at me that way before.”
“What way?”
“The way he looks at mom.”

“What we did was despicable.”
“But necessary. You know that.”

Me And The Devil

Tommy’s horrible parents get theirs. Marnie (Fiona Shaw) babbles. Eric has boring dreams. Bill makes Portia go away in hilarious fashion. Bill annoys by ranting on about The Authority. Bill menaces Marnie. Why do the vampires get away with kidnapping and hurting people all the time?

Pam’s rotting. Sookie fails to observe anything that is going on around her. Tara’s mother shows up to exorcise Arlene’s house. Everything about Sookie gets smaller, weaker and sadder every season. Tara has had it with Sookie. Sam shows he is cold. Sookie and Eric get it on. Bill acts like a tough guy in laughable fashion and a secret is revealed. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Do you really think a ghost picked up a magic marker and wrote on a wall?”

“From now on when you look at me. You will have an uncontrollable urge to scream and run away.”

“The sage smokes out the evil. Gotta get up in the corners.”
“That’s where the evil hides.”

Hello, Cruel World

Castiel is gone in a flurry of bad CGI. The new monsters, the Leviathans, are in meat suits. Yawn. Why doesn’t this show have monsters anymore? Why doesn’t it have a decent rock soundtrack?

Sam twitches, lies and it’s all about him. For this Castiel was booted off the show?!? Bobby pretends to care. Shut up Bobby. There is some bad acting. Leviathans sort of rampage and cause weird goings on at a hospital.

Sam has boring hallucinations of the boring Lucifer. I can’t stand the actor who plays Lucifer, he helped ruin ‘Lost’ season 6. Sam freaks out. The same damn plot has been going on since season 2, season 3, season 4, season 5 and season 6. This was okay, silly CGI teeth aside.

Best Line:
“This discussion does not requite a weapons discharge.”
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