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Retro Review: The High Life (1995)

This classic BBC sitcom starred Alan Cumming as Sebastian Flight, Forbes Masson as Steve McCracken and Siobhan Redmond as Shona Spurtle who work as badly dressed flight attendants on Air Scotia. Only 6 eps were ever made, 7 if you count the original pilot.

The opening credits were bonkers and the show was full of bizarre Scottish slang and overdone accents. Steve looked like Kevin McKidd. Steve is best friends for some reason with Sebastian and the two endlessly harass their boss Shona.

The plots deal with everything from Shona helping her criminal father escape from a police officer, Steve having to help an old man go to the bathroom, the staff being sent to boot camp, Sebastian finding out something happened between Steve and Shona, Shona foiling a would be hijacker with a poached salmon, Steve and Sebastian being caught in compromising positions and a homage to the 1960’s ‘Batman’ TV show.

Sebastian is a horrible little git and he and Steve fail at everything they do. From being decent human beings to entering the Song For Europe contest. This isn’t as funny as it thinks it is but it does amuse. It does look dated as it is over lit and features walkmans, copious smoking and floppy discs.

Best Lines:
“Morning Sebastian.”
“Shut it.”

“You carroty little dwarf.”

“I had to vainly rev my panda outside your flat for 15 minutes waiting for you to stop pissing around with your pomade.”

“They hated us, we were crap.”

“I have a hunch the henchman is half hearted in his horribleness.”

“A wimpy big nosed geek and a whining ginger midget.”

“Just goes to show you that gardening isn’t the safe pursuit we’re all lead to believe.”
“Especially when your garden is a window box on the 9th floor.”

“No hard feelings?”
“No, especially since I haven’t washed my hand yet.”

“I thought you were just an old plebe.”
“Yes, my disguise usually fools the more stupid steward.”
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