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Book Reviews: The Hollow Skull + Blue-Blooded Vamp

The Hollow Skull by Christopher Pike

From 1998 comes this tale of how four teenagers in the dead end town of Madison trespass in the local uranium mine and live to regret it. This is a rewrite of ‘Monster’ with a cheesy cover. It has copious Lovecraft rip-offs and it terrible. It rivals Meg Cabot’s ‘Mediator’ series in the awfulness stakes.

Best Lines:
“He tried to drown me. Why should I give him a ride home?”

“They shot him in the head and now they seem to be poking around in his brain with a long stick.”

Blue-Blooded Vamp by Jaye Wells

The 5th and final ‘Sabina Kane’ novel. Sabina is on the hunt for Cain. She is determined to kill him for all his sins. But she cannot do it alone. So she and her allies head to Italy to find the one person who knows how to kill Cain - Abel.

But their quest proves a lot harder than Sabina ever imagined as her life comes full circle. This was good. A nice wrap up to the series. However Sabina’s infatuation with the tool Adam makes no sense. He is a sanctimonious tool. What does she see in him?
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