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Agatha Christie’s Marple: Murder is Easy (2008) Review

A non Miss Marple book gets turned into a terrible ‘Marple’ ep as the annoying old biddy learns there is a crazy serial killer going undetected in a village and heads off to sniff them out.

Along the way she meets the idiot local copper (Russell Tovey of ‘Being Human’), a local rich idiot with no day job (Benedict Cumberbatch of ‘Sherlock’), an idiot American on a brass rubbing holiday, the cute doctor (James Lance) and a trophy wife with a secret (Anna Chancellor of ‘Suburban Shootout’).

Everyone fails to notice that the village is dropping one neighbour at a time. This bears no resemblance to the book. Everyone is a moron. This was utterly terrible with terrible acting and a laughably bad ending.
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