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Teen Wolf 2x04 + Breaking Bad 2x09 Reviewed

Scott is as annoying and stupid as that little gobby cow Texas on ‘Hollyoaks’. Scott lurks around at night like a sex criminal, his mother does not notice. Where is the parental supervision on this show?

Mr Argent is an idiot. Grandpa Argent sprays spittle and annoys. Stiles lies and is selfish. Lydia has to see the Guidance Counsellor (Bianca Lawson). A creepy dude creeps. Lydia cries. Stiles annoys. Jackson freaks out. The mad lacrosse coach was the only entertaining thing in this dire ep.

The Argent family are idiots with violence issues. They are what would have happened if Mary and John Winchester on ‘Supernatural’ weren’t dead. Scott still has no curiosity about his new lifestyle.

Stiles and Scott are selfish, the werewolf make up is stupid, there is bad acting, Derek glowers and Scott’s mother is utterly unobservant. This was terrible.

Best Lines:
How many different things are there?”

“Who or what is that genetic experiment gone wrong?”

4 Days Out
Marie makes Walt’s latest doctor visit all about her. Jane and Jesse hook up. Walt decides he and Jesse need to cook a lot of meth. Walt continues to be petty and not as smart as he thinks he is.

Jesse and Walt get stranded in the desert and have to improvise a ‘Flight of the Phoenix’ thingy to avoid dying. This show has more unpleasant people than ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’. Walt and Jesse definitely do not class up a joint. Walt gets some unexpected news. This was pretty bad.

Best Lines:
“I got plans.”
“Smoking marijuana, eating cheetos and masturbating do not constitute plans in my book.”

“You brought a meth lab to the airport?”

“You and thinking, that’s the problem.”
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