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Book Review: Unquiet Dreams

Unquiet Dreams by Mark del Franco

Connor Grey is a depowered druid fighting the good fight in a world where the human world and the world of the fey are merged.

Not so very long ago, Connor was a vastly powerful druid with a massive ego, at least he was until he lost a fight with an elf. When he woke up, his abilities were gone, his friends abandoned him now he was useless and his colleagues didn't like him that much. Now Connor is wiser and though his abilities are gone, he's still a druid. So he helps the police investigate mysterious goings on.

Two murders take place in Boston. An elf is killed and a human is found dead in a field, most people only care about the elf. But Connor is convinced the two murders are linked. As he investigates, he finds himself up against political intrigue and a murderous conspiracy. This was a good story with nicely detailed world building. The ongoing story of Connor's lost abilities intrigues as it is hinted that its part of something bigger. The Connor Grey series is a good addition to the urban fantasy genre after a shaky start with the first book 'Unshapely Things'.
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