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Coming Soon: review of 'Fracture'.

'The Simpsons' Quotes:
"Strangers are judging our marriage."

"I'm scared! Find me a rich husband quick!"

"You are the kind of ill-informed gasbag this network cannot get enough of."

"Horde your toilet paper! Shoot the mail man!"

"You make us beg for a filthy pillow that a barnyard rat wouldn't curl up and die in!"

'Missing' 1x05 promo
Nice, shame I missed it.

'Missing' 1x06 promo
Why can't her idiot son save himself?

'Missing' 1x07 promo
The CIA prat really annoys.

'Missing' 1x08 promo

'Missing' 1x09 promo
More Sean Bean and Becca asks: "What kind of people are we?"

'Missing' 1x10 promo

I am reading 'Blue Blooded Vamp'.

'Fracture' trailer
This looks interesting.

Best Lines:
"I love you. Does he?"

"This whole thing was a set up."
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