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Agatha Christie’s Marple: A Pocket Full of Rye (2009) Review

Miss Marple (badly cast) mentors a gurning half wit maid named Gladys who goes to work at Yewtree Lodge. Rex, the family patriarch dies. The coppers show up. Mary Dove the mean housekeeper stirs the pot. Rex had three kids, one of whom is Lance (Rupert Graves of ‘Sherlock’).

This is played as if it is a farce. Crump the drunken butler is drunk, Mrs Crump the cook is mean and Gladys is murdered as is Adele, Rex’s second trophy wife. So Miss Marple shows up to nose around and mutter like a mad woman.

This was sadly dull and silly with too many red herrings and a terrible ending.

Best Lines:
“He moved there after a disagreement with his father. Some small matter of a forged cheque.”

“These things happen at the most inconvenient moments don’t they?”

“Adele, awful creature.”

“There seem to be horrid little constables where everyone turns.”

“Poor daddy: he was such a ghastly man.”

“She’s got a young man now Miss Marple, you wouldn’t think it to look at her.”

“What about men Miss Marple?”
“Oh she badly wanted one of those.”

“The whole household you see is really quite odious.”
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