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Teen Wolf 2x03 + Breaking Bad 2x08 + Nikita 2x04 Reviewed

Ice Pick

Allison’s horrible family are horrible. Why hasn’t she started her training before now? Allison is informed that male Argents are soldiers and female Argents are leaders. So Kate was supposed to be a leader? She was just a nut.

Erica looks unwashed, Scott does not care until Derek recruits Erica. She is now hot and wears ho clothes. Jackson is a jackass and makes Lydia cry. Stiles is stupid. The vet spouts platitudes, Allison’s mother is crazy and Allison wears too much lipstick.

The Argents hang out in Derek’s house. Scott is a jackass. What is up with Boyd? What is the vet? This was goodish.

Better Call Saul

Badger, one of Jesse’s dealers is arrested by a cop (DJ Qualls). So Walt and Jesse hire Saul an ambulance chasing lawyer to defend him. Jesse sleeps with Jane who turns out to be an addict in recovery. Hank is in a bad way.

The DEA want Heisenberg aka Walt. Jesse and Walt ineffectively intimidate Saul. Jesse continues his irritating manner of expressing himself. Saul has a cunning plan. Walt continues to be a dysfunctional middle aged loser. ‘The Godfather’ metaphors are tossed around. Saul offers to be Walt’s Tom Hagen. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Did you know that you have rights?”

“They want this guy like the axe wants the turkey.”

“So if a prison shanking is completely off the table and we’re sure of that?”
“No shanking!”

“For a price, Jimmy will go to prison for you.”

“Even drug dealers need lawyers.”


Nikita’s old Division partner escapes from a Turkish jail after four years. Alex is an arrogant little cow. Gogol was created by Zetrov. Roan shows up. Alex annoys as she and Roan chase Kelly and Nikita. Kelly has an agenda, Alex needs shooting and her arrogance has consequences. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Speaking of Michael, who’d you have to screw over to get him out?”

“Your target is already chasing you.”

“She wants to kill you and reclaim her birthright.”
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