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I am looking forward to ‘Arrow’. As I still miss ‘The Cape’ and James Frain’s role as a Richard Branson like futurist who moonlights as a masked killer, any chance he can guest star?

I am reading 'The Ice House'.

I may review 'Grimm'.

Simon Kassiandies was cute in ‘Nikita’ 2x03 so I rewatched ‘Spooks: Code 9’ 1x06 which he also guest starred in. He had a one scene wonder role as a drug dealer named Nikolai Benoit. Sadly this was the last ep ever of ‘Spooks: Code 9’. I can’t believe ‘Being Human’ is still on and ‘Spooks: Code 9’ was axed.

Best Lines:
“We’re M15.”
“This is harassment. I’m clean.”
“No. No, you’re not.”
“I’m mostly clean.”
“The big box of MDMA in the boot says otherwise.”
“That’s for personal use.”
“I seriously doubt that.”

‘Ab Fab’ Quotes:
“It’s everywhere.”
“Yeah well darling, it’s been everywhere for five bloody years hasn’t it!”

“I’m going to mingle, don’t let them follow me.”

“I shagged the gym master in the long jump.”

“What are you going to do? Just sit in here and fester?”

Raising Hope’ Quotes:
Stupid brain.”

“Now I gotta go evict the porch squirrels.”

“I haven’t had this much fun since I did improv games at the teen mom centre.”

“Hope’s real mother got electrocuted.”
“Oh that’s so sad. Faulty wiring?”
“Yep in her head. Murdered a bunch of folks, got the electric chair.”

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