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The Walking Dead 2x06 + 2x07 Reviewed

Maggie refuses to explain the madness behind the barn full of walkers. There are no lookouts, the barn is not reinforced, the farm is not protected and nobody scavenges from town. But the dim bulbs are still looking for Sophia. Lori freaks over Carl wanting to know how to use a gun.

Finally there is gun practice, but how do they get replacement ammo? Hershel shows how delusional he is. Shane is a sexist jackass. Lori will not stop whining. Andrea stomps off in a snit. Carol is still not looking for her kid.

Dale interferes and pot stirs. Maggie’s stupid and rude. Shane and Andrea face down a zombie horde and get it on, without an concern about zombies showing up mid coitus. What do Lori and Andrea see in the violent awful Shane? Rick shows he isn’t as dumb as he lets on. This ep ends very abruptly. This was okay.

Pretty Much Dead Already
Carol is STILL NOT LOOKING FOR HER KID. Call Dr Phil. Glenn tells about the barn which is not secure. The dim bulbs start yelling next to a barn full of walkers. Shane continues to act like he is on meth. Maggie is stupid and petty. Dale tells Andrea how to behave.

Hershel is a deluded jackass. Shane is obsessed with Lori, why? Maggie has laundry to do. Shane goes crazy. The barn door is opened. This was okay.
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