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Primeval 5x06 + Nikita 2x03 Reviewed

Primeval 5x06

Bad CGI, Philip is deluded and Connor, Abby and Matt run around in the future where the sky is the colour of urine. But if the air is toxic, how are they not dead? Emily is useless. There is ominous Latin chanting. Philip and his wrinkled suit has an abrupt change of heart. There is panic.

Lester and Jess are menaced. Why did ITV axe ‘Moving Wallpaper’? Jess is useless, Lester is in peril and Abby proposes to Connor. All seems well and then there is a cliff-hanger. No series 6, please no series 6.

Best Lines:
“Helen won and I helped her.”

“Plan A was rubbish.”


Ramon, a notorious assassin strikes, again. Alex is obsessed with Nikita. Amanda asks Alex to kill a Zetrov big wig. The blank and expressionless Alex has a flashback. Sean annoys. A reporter (Rekha Sharma of ‘Battlestar Galactica’) knows more than she lets on.

There is a big revelation. Michael is in peril and Nikita has to stop him going to live in space with Jesus. Ramón (Simon Kassianides) is fascinating. What became of him? Will we see him again? The bitter and desperate Alex needs to go away. This was not good apart from Ramón.

Best Lines:
The crazy anarchist takes the blame. No one asks questions, not even cable news.”

“If there’s anything that Percy knows how to do it’s how to buy a man’s soul. He owned mine for 10 years.”

“You don’t want to get into a knife fight with a Russian.”
“I am Russian.”
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