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Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

8 years have passed since the duff ‘The Dark Knight’. Bruce Wayne comes out of retirement after being bothered by Selina Kyle and Bane (Tom Hardy). Some uninteresting rich bad dude does uninteresting things, Bruce overlooks the obvious baddie and the lardy Bane and his really silly voice carries out a convoluted plan.

Various characters run around doing things. Jon Blake gets a lot of screen time, the cute mayor seems to have lost IQ points since ‘The Dark Knight’, Bruce looks pained a lot, Selina’s sidekick falls by the wayside and not much makes sense.

Bane does indeed sound like ‘Gore Vidal with a bucket on his head’ as one critic put it. The more you think about this movie, the less sense it all makes. This movie is okay, but the villains are totally underwhelming. But it has capes, fetish wear, silly masks, idiots, riots and an imploding football field.
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