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Dark Shadows Review Part 3

Episode 7

Victoria wanders around in a daze in 1790 until she realises that something tore a hole in the fabric of time and she is trapped in the past. So she tries to blend in, but doesn't do a good job of it. Meanwhile the dry ice machine is cranked up and the cast don wigs, accents and fancy dress to camply portray their ancestors.

Victoria is hired as the tutor to Barnabas' youngest siblings and meets Barnabas' best friend Peter Bradford (Michael T. Weiss, who now he's allowed to keep his shirt on can show off his acting ability) and Barnabas' younger brother Jeremiah (Adrian Paul of 'Highlander'). Meanwhile Barnabas who is not yet a vampire is banging Angelique, who is the maid to Josette his bride to be. Unknown to Barnabas, Angelique is a witch with a dodgy French accent and she's got plans for him. Meanwhile Barnabas' aunt dislikes Victoria and when she sees Victoria's modern day dress with a zip and care label, she brings it to the attention of the creepy witch obsessed Reverend Trask. This was good, it has melodrama, camp and comedy.

Best Line:
"If they think you are mad they will ship you off to the madhouse and that is a fate worth weeping over."

Episode 8

Barnabas' fiancée Josette has arrived and she looks just like Victoria. Meanwhile Angelique casts spells to make Josette fall in love with Jeremiah. As Victoria sings 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' to her charges, she and Josette come face to face and the whole 'Victoria is Josette reincarnated' drum is beaten some more. Then Jeremiah and Josette elope. Barnabas throws a tantrum of Elton John proportions and kills his brother in a duel, due to some magical assistance from Angelique. With Jeremiah dead, Barnabas' aunt starts screaming about witchcraft and the grieving family ignore Angelique humping a gargoyle on the roof and give Victoria the evil eye. This was very good.
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