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Revenge 1x09 + True Blood 4x02 + Teen Wolf 2x02 + Breaking Bad 2x07 reviewed

Ashley looks rundown, Tyler is weird and Amanda rebels. Conrad is vile, Nolan never seems to work and Tyler commits credit card fraud. There is bad acting and this was boring. There was endless plotting, Amanda won’t leave and Declan gets too much screen time. Emily has another mentor. Nolan wears an ugly suit. Amanda makes a play for Jack. Victoria is billy no mates. Ashley makes a play.

Best Lines:
“I swear these people are barking mad.”

“Those greedy little claws of yours.”

“Inside the vipers nest, you must be a viper too.”

You Smell Like Dinner

Jason is held prisoner in Hot Shot. Everyone wants Sookie. Bill is spying on the witches. Sam bores. The flashback to London 1982 with punk Bill was ridiculous. Arlene yells at her ‘devil’ baby. Jessica annoys.

The vampires don’t like witches and the feeling is mutual. Bill rants. Another flashback shows how Sophie-Anne was defeated – what a waste of a perfectly good character from the books. Tommy annoys, Luna broods and bad things happen to Jason and Eric.

Best Lines:
“You’re covered in Queen.”

“Shut up and make up a new chant already.”

Shape Shifted
This was okay after having to endure idiot screaming Texas and Ash on ‘Hollyoaks’. Isaac is abused by his vile father (it’s Dawson’s dad from ‘Dawson’s Creek’!). Jackson is a jerk. Vile dad gets eaten. Allison is dim. The Argents menace the principle.

The mad lacrosse coach amuses. Lydia’s back at school. Scott is stupid. Grandfather Argent is the new principle. Derek is still in town. Scott does not really care about Isaac. Jackson acts crazy. The cops don’t seal off Isaac’s house. Something is lurking.

Negro Y Azul
This opens with a bizarre musical montage. Jesse the idiot street hustler is an idiot. Walt is a jackass. Jesse’s street hustler friends are idiots. Skyler gets her old boss Ted to give her a job. Marie is horrible, Walt Jr annoys and Walt compares Jesse to a blowfish.

Danny Trejo has a cameo. Jesse likes his landlord Jane (Krysten Ritter of ‘Don’t Trust The B---- in Apartment 23’). Hank’s new colleagues don’t like him and then bad things happen. This was okay.
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