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Nikita 2x02 Review

Falling Ash

Michael and Nikita join forces with Owen to stop the P9 programme which was one of those brainwashed sleeper assassin programmes. Nikita has tunnel vision and Alex is a snot. How long has it been since 2x01?

Michael oversaw the burning down of P9 back in 2003 and does brooding guilt but P9 survived. For some reason nobody has cleaned up the ruins left back in 2003. Nikita wears unflattering black lipstick, Alex annoys and a brainwashed idiot tries to shoot people. You think brainwashed sleeper assassins would have been taught how to aim properly.

Sean annoys, Nikita seems to have forgotten her fiancée ever existed and Owen has a secret. This was goodish.

Best Line:
You’re kind of small, you’d dissolve quick.”
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