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Book Reviews: Disappearing Nightly + Shade + Nightshifted

Disappearing Nightly by Laura Resnick
The 1st ‘Esther Diamond’ novel has been reprinted. Esther is a wannbe actress in an off Broadway show. She’s alerted to the world of the supernatural when the stunt cast lead vanishes.

Esther teams up with mages, drag queens and magicians to have merry mayhem. This is good even is the villain is obvious and Esther isn’t very bright.

Best Line:
“That sulking, smirking, uncommunicative cellar-dweller who’s never around when you need him.”

Shade by Emily Devenport
Shade ran away from her home and ended up on a hellhole alien planet where gambling, violence and vice reign. She’s drawn into the struggle between various alien races and learns a lot of secrets. This is a good cyberpunk tale that continues in ‘Larissa’.

Nightshifted by Cassie Alexander
In a secret wing of County Hospital, nurse Edie Spence deals with supernatural creatures. One shift an encounter with a patient leads to a missing girl, a vampire threat, a zombie and near death. All in a day’s work for the snarling Edie really. She also has to deal with her thieving junkie brother and a one night stand that won’t go away. This new urban fantasy series starts off well but soon turns into typical UF crap. A crashing disappointment it had so much promise and wasted it all.
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