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Global Frequency (2005) review

It’s easy to see why this pilot based on a comic failed. It’s terrible. It does however bear a resemblance to ‘Fringe’. The Global Frequency saves people from threats. A cop named Sean wanders into a dark alley to investigate the strange noise. He finds a man cut in half and a ringing phone. He answers the phone and Global Frequency is on the other end.

Miranda Zero (Michelle Forbes of ‘True Blood’ and ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’) spills all the secrets/exposition. It’s a big deal there is a camera in the phone. Sean is asked to help investigate strange radiation with Dr Finch to prevent a hellish apocalypse or something. This looks murky and to be frank the failed pilot ‘Babylon Fields’ was better. This was dull with cheap SFX, annoying music and Sean looked like a desiccated cigarette.

Best Lines:
“We’re an independent covert intelligence group. Yet somehow, you’ve just picked up one of our phones.”

“There’s half a guy here!”

“This is insane.”
“Yes, it always is.”

“Sorry for throwing up on you.”
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