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Quotes of the Day

Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“I’m going to sleep with one eye open until she moves out of this house.”
“And in this family that could be a long, long time.”

“Not in front of the anger sponge!”

“Which is probably why later in life when she had a conflict with someone, she stuck an ice pick in their eye.”
“And neck.”
“And ear.”

'Revenge' Quote:
"I will never accept and I will never forgive."

Coming soon: reviews for ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’, ‘Bitter Seeds’, ‘Besieged’, ‘Exile’ and ‘April Fool’s Day’.

I saw the cover for ‘Book of Cthulhu 2’ – it is beautiful.

I am reading ‘Raise the Dawn’.

Reviews of ‘White Collar’ season 2 are delayed. AGAIN.

I still miss ‘The Cape’. Peter Fleming – jovial, philanthropic billionaire by day and sociopath maniac criminal by night.

The Cape’ quotes:
There’s nowhere in this world you’ll be able to hide from me.”
“What makes you think I’ll be hiding?”

“Fantasy, reality, blue, blur, blur. Don’t cross the line. Scary dark hole. Looked into it once myself.”
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