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Revenge 1x07 Review


A reporter (Alicia Coppola of ‘Jericho’) writes a story on the Grayson’s 25th. Tyler annoys, Nolan annoys and Frank lets Emily know he is onto her. Jack pulls faces. Everyone is morose, this is no ‘Profit’.

It is revealed that raging hypocrite Victoria stole Conrad from his first wife. Where did she go? Frank hunts down the truth about Emily and locates the real Emily who is stripping under the alias of Amanda Clarke. It seems she gets a lot of perverted customers on the strength of her fake name and the fact that Time magazine called Amanda the ‘daughter of the devil’.

Nolan uncovers Tyler’s secret and there is an unexpected hook-up. Declan and Daniel storm off. Victoria goes OTT. Frank is about to blow the Emily/Amanda identity switch but does not get a chance to. Declan and Charlotte bore, someone wakes up and someone exits the show via a tire iron. This didn’t grab me, it was about as substantial as Ice Magic Sauce.
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