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Nikita 2x01 + Primeval 5x04 Reviewed

Game Change

Why does Nikita not wear clothes? When did Michael get the bad haircut? Nikita has doubts and wallows in mush. Alex slaps people and has hooker hair extensions. Amanda runs Division. Alex plans to regain her father’s empire. An Oversight goon named Sean lurks being annoying. There is exposition and Percy resides in a glass box that does not appear to have a toilet.

Nikita and Michael break a man out of a military prison. There are bad CGI drones. Someone else has escaped Division. Alex annoys and is stupid. Sean is a git. There is bad acting. How much time has passed since season 1? This was crap, still Alex did get a beat down.

Primeval 5x04

Connor is stupid, Emily hangs around like a bad smell, bugs invade and there is terrible security. Connor calls Abby stupid, why is she still dating him again? Where is Lester? The hag Emily needs to shut up. Becker might as well be a lamp for all that he gets to do. Connor sulks when people don’t treat him like he is special.

Becker is useless, Jess has a plot convenient allergy, April overacts, Philip lurks and I would love to see Dog The Bounty Hunter spray Connor with bear mace. Jess twitches and is useless. Rex lurks. Connor is the biggest moron that God ever put breath into.

Why doesn’t Jess just die? The bad CGI bugs are defeated. Connor finally gets a clue that Philip has no value for human life. This was okay.
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