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Movie Review: Solstice

Solstice (2007)

A group of teenagers are at staying at a lake house and one of them Megan (Elizabeth Harnois of 'Point Pleasant) becomes convinced her dead identical twin sister is trying to contact her. Megan's friends, Christian (Shawn Ashmore of the 'X-Men' movies), Zoe (Amanda Seyfried of 'Veronica Mars' and 'Mean Girls'), Mark and Alicia (Hilarie Burton of 'One Tree Hill') are less than supportive of this idea.

But as mysterious events continually take place around Megan, she becomes even more convinced that her sister is contacting her from beyond the grave. So she enlists the help of local boy Nick to hold a séance, which involves the group all stripping down to their underwear in the lake after they've drunk copious amounts of moonshine. Needless to say things go awry as revelations are made and events get nasty as people run around the swamp in the middle of the night.

This was good, it is beautifully shot and nicely creepy. This is an enjoyable ghost story.

Memorable Lines:
"Please do not forget the toilet paper, all right? Last time I was out here, I had to wipe my a## with a potato chip bag!"
"What babe, it was barbecue."
"We know."
"Barbecue sauce with MSG in it. It burns."
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