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The Walking Dead 2x02 + 2x03 Reviewed


Rick overacts and stumbles across a farm. Carl is stupid. Lori needs to shut her dirty whore mouth. Dale annoys. There is screaming and yapping. Shane and the slack jawed Otis head off to an over run FEMA shelter for medical supplies. Andrea is really unobservant. The farm is full of idiots. Sophia causes more trouble even while still missing. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Nearest hospital went up in flames a month ago.”

“There is no cure”

“Merle got the clap on occasion.”

Save The Last One

Zombies attack. Andrea grows a brain. Lori rants. Shane is nefarious and gives himself a bad haircut. Carol is not looking for her child. Why hasn’t she been taught how to use a gun? Carol is utterly pathetic. T-Dog has his wound treated. There is yapping and disgusting behaviour. This was okay.
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