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Prison Break Season 4 Episode 14 Review

Just Business

Don Self menaces the gang with a big gun until Lincoln punches him in the face. Self still manages to get away. Mahone tries to get help from Lang only to be taken in. T-Bag tries to redeem himself only to be choked out by a Bible salesman who is actually a Company agent. Michael masterminds a cunning plan to get Scylla back from Self. The plan involves building a DIY rocket launcher, sabotaging a fire escape and Michael punching Self in the face. Michael retrieves Scylla, for about two minutes and then Don Self gets it back.

The Company take Michael in. Lincoln goes cap in hand to the Company who say they'll give Michael his surgery if Lincoln retrieves Scylla. Meanwhile Gretchen and Self continue their attempt to sell Scylla and Self shows he is somewhat unstable by shooting two people. Even Gretchen thinks Self is nuts at this point, which shows just how far Don Self has fallen.

Best Lines: "At what point does a noble deed become fanaticism?"

"Come and get it."

This was good, the highlights of which were Don Self getting punched in the face, twice and Self menacing Michael and co with his big gun. Questions remain: what will happen to Mahone? What'll happen to Michael? What is Lincoln planning? Will T-Bag finally die? What is Tombstone II? And when did Don Self become such a nut and decide to throw his career away?
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