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Bedlam 2x05 + Breaking Bad 2x05 Reviewed

Bedlam 2x05
The whole Ellie is pregnant storyline is abruptly disposed of. Kira moves in with the creep. Idiot squatters run around doing rituals. There is more bad acting. Max is busted by the creep. What is the point of any of this? Warren freaks and there is an idiot revelation.

Best Lines:
“I wasn’t listening. I was just by the door and you’ve got quite a loud voice.”

“We’ve got trespassers! I found them on Twitter.”

Skyler is still a bitch and clogs with the toilet with her cigarettes. Hank gets promoted and freaks out. Jesse bores. Marie annoys. Walter is an ever more thankless jackass. This was crap. I don’t know how much more of this cadre of entitled idiots I can take.
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