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Book Reviews: Grim Tides + Scorpianne + yet more Trek novels

Grim Tides by TA Pratt

The 6th ‘Marla Mason’ book after ‘Blood Engines’, ‘Poison Sleep’, ‘Dead Reign’, ‘Spell Games’ and ‘Broken Mirrors’. I haven’t read ‘Broken Mirrors’ yet. After the game changing events of ‘Broken Mirrors’, Marla the exiled ex-chief sorcerer of Felport languishes in Hawaii with her only friend Rondeau.

Her former allies want nothing to do with her and she’s been striped of almost all her powers. So this is an ideal time for a bunch of her enemies to team up to take her out. They are led by the infamous chaos witch Elsie Jarrow. A showdown is coming.

This is a good read but Elsie Jarrow who has been built up as the ultimate big bad comes across as a sulky teenager buzzed on sugar. Still I enjoyed this, it is good to read about Marla again.

Scorpianne by Emily Devenport

Lucy has had a long career in her business and then someone tries to kill her. She goes on the run and a cyberpunk tale of family, stalkers and biotech unfolds. This is a good unsettling vision of the future.

Various Star Trek novels

S.C.E.: Wildfire’ is a collection of three novellas about the not very interesting Starfleet Corps of Engineers. The novellas deal with a holographic ship, Dominion war flashbacks and the near destruction of the USS Da Vinci in a gas giant. This is a fairly good read. ‘The Brave and the Bold: Book One’ by Keith R.A. DeCandido begins with Kirk and co dealing with the legacy of a long dead space tyrant. Generations later, Sisko and co also have to deal with the shadow of the tyrant. This is good but the second book was terrible.

‘Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Fallen Heroes’ by the vanished Trek author Dafydd ab Hugh sees a troop of alien shock troops show up on the station and massacre everyone. Quark and Odo have been time shifted three days into the future so now they have to figure out why the massacre happened and how to stop it from happening at all. This is excellent.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Millennium Book Two The War of the Prophets’ by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens is the only good book in the universe/time spanning epic trilogy. This sees the DS9 crew transported to a desolate future where a religious war led by Kai Weyoun rages. This is excellent. ‘Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Avatar Books One&Two’ by S.D. Perry marked the DS9 relaunch. It was a promising start undercut by the fact the publishers gave up on the relaunch a few years later.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Section 31 Abyss’ by David Waddle and Jeffrey Long sees Bashir drawn into a Section 31 mission, during which he has to confront his origins. Bashir is the embodiment of a terrifying legacy. What side will he choose? This is very good. ‘Star Trek Deep Space Nine Gateways: Demons of Air and Darkness’ by Keith R.A. DeCandido was part of the big crossover event of 2001. Kira and Taran’atar journey into the Delta Quadrant. This was okay.

‘Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Mission Gamma Book One Twilight’ by David R. George III is a 504 page novel that sees the Defiant journey into the Gamma Quadrant on a long overdue mission of exploration, Vaughn tries to make peace with his brat daughter, back on DS9 Kira prepares for Bajor’s entry into the Federation and Ezri Dax begins her character destroying descent into mega-bitchery. This was good.

‘Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Unity’ by S.D Perry sees Bajor join the UFP, an old friend return, the Gamma mission ends and a secret conspiracy unravels. This was good and was the climax of the DS9 relaunch in 2003 and the relaunch has never been as good since.

Lives of Dax’ edited by Marco Palmieri is an anthology about the many hosts of the Dax symbiotic. Lela, Tobin, Emony, Audrid, Torias, Joran, Curzon, Jadzia and Ezri’s stories are told. This was good. ‘Tales of the Dominion War’ edited by Keith R.A. DeCandido is exactly what is says on the tin. This is an excellent collection of perspectives during and after the Dominion war: the fall of Betazed, the rise of Shinzon, the attack on Earth to the fate of the Changeling leader and many others.

‘Mirror Universe: Glass Empires’ is a collection of three novellas set in that bleak other universe. Empress Sato consolidates her reign, Spock decides to destroy the Empire and after the fall of the Empire Picard has a crap life. This was very good apart from the Picard novella. ‘Mirror Universe: Obsidian Alliances’ is also a collection of three novellas and sees B’Elanna do nefarious things, Calhoun serves the Romulan Empire and Kira plots Ro’s downfall. This was good.

Star Trek Enterprise: The Good That Men Do’ by Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin was the start of the ‘Star Trek: Enterprise' relaunch. It rewrites the terrible ending of the show to tell us how Tucker went undercover on Romulus and how slowly but surely the Romulans drew their plans against Earth. This was good.

Must review 'The Lost Era' books next...

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