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Missing (2012) 1x01 Review


10 years ago Rebecca’s husband Paul (Sean Bean) was killed in a car bomb. Now her son Michael has headed off to Rome to study architecture. Then wouldn’t you know it, he vanishes. So his puffy faced mother (Ashley Judd overacting) heads off to find him. She has a past.

People die, people have moments, back-story is trotted out, photos are just left lying around, obstructive bureaucrats obstruct and someone falls into the Seine. This is another show like the ok ‘Vanished’, the crappy ‘Kidnapped’ and the wonderful ‘Traveler’. This was okay but nothing special.

Best Lines:
“Those are words every mother likes to hear.”

“What’s this PFA? Some kind of foreign political group?”
“Sir, that’s the Parent Faculty Association.”
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