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Book Reviews: Red Hand + Too Close + The Playroom

Green Hornet Volume Four: Red Hand written by Ande Parks

Mulan is laid up, the Green Hornet is harassed by vigilantes and the assassin Red Hand lurks. There are idiot death traps and the past weights on the present in more ways then one. This was good.

Best Line:
But by all means, keep yelling about it. Very incognito.”

Too Close by Hilary Norman

All her life Holly Bourne has loved Nick Miller. But he never loved her, not even during their destructive ‘romance’. Nick is now married to Nina and Holly is married to Jack. They live in different cities and have separate lives, but Holly wants Nick back. Holly embarks on an insane campaign to win back his love.

This is an unnerving tale of obsessive love. Holly is damaged and crazy and desperate for love. Nick is obsessed by his hatred for Holly and is a thoughtless jackass with anger issues and bad judgement. This will not end well. This is good.

Best Line:
“Everything about you is a problem.”

The Playroom by Gloria Murphy

Rosalie was the pathetic joke of Bradley High’s class of 81. So she moved away, got magic plastic surgery, changed her name to Victoria Louise and now she has returned to her hometown for revenge.

She lures her old tormentors to her house and imprisons them in the playroom. When they’re all present she is going to throw a party. This was dull, the revenge party was a letdown and the grown up bullies take no responsibility.
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