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The Walking Dead 2x01 Review

What Lies Ahead

The gang head out of Atlanta. Rick mutters to Morgan, where is Morgan anyway? The gang run into a pile up and start scavenging. Somehow they fail to notice the swarm of walkers sneaking up on them. Lori annoys, the woman has about as much sense as the sabre tooth squirrel from the ‘Ice Age’ movies.

Shane pulls Tasmania Devil faces. Andrea hides in the RV toilet. Everyone is stupid especially Lori who is also a cheating white trash ho. Someone is injured, someone kills a walker with a screwdriver and stupid Sophia runs off and gets lost. Carol is useless. Why doesn’t she look for her child instead of standing around whinging? Why is everyone so stupid?

Lori whines at Shane about ignoring her. They ignore a radio message. Daryl and Rick dissect a zombie. Dale patronises Andrea and everyone else. Lori causes trouble, Carol assigns blame and Dale is called out. Shane needs to go and Carol turns out to be even more pathetic then she appears to be. Lori is snotty. Rick looks for a sign and gets one. This was okay but extremely frustrating due to dumbness and stupidity.
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