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Dark Shadows Review Part 2

Episode 5

Julia is jealous of Barnabas and Victoria, so she sabotages Barnabas' treatment. Meanwhile Willy is the comic relief, Carolyn fancies Joe and Joe does more brooding while either shirtless or with his shirt billowing open. The sabotaged treatment causes Barnabas to snack on Carolyn. This was okay.

Episode 6

There is a costume party at the Collins estate. Joe looks good in his costume, Carolyn tries to poison Julia and Ben Cross does more horribly acted melodramatics as Barnabas declares that there will be no more treatments. The family and Maggie hold a séance to contact Sarah to try and figure out why all these bizarre events are taking place. The séance goes awry and Victoria has been sent back in time to 1790. This was good.

Best Line: "Not even the course of time can destroy her."
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