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The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole (1987) Episode 6 Review

The last TV ‘Mole’ ep until the ill advised BBC revival. Adrian has been suspended from school. Barry Kent and his gang (all wearing acid washed jeans) show up on his doorstep and ask him to hang out. Adrian agrees and gets to call Barry ‘Baz’. The gang indulge in street harassment and aggravated littering. This causes Pandora to dump Adrian, again. Pandora is 16 going on 45.

His parents fail to notice Adrian running around the streets at night with a gang of louts. Feeling ignored, Adrian runs away believing his parents won’t notice or care. He ends up soaked, miserable and harassed by a perv. He returns home and takes to his bed. Attempts by Nigel and Barry Kent to cheer him up do not work.

Pandora and Adrian reunite and wear monochromatic rags: “It’s part of the new teenage subculture.” They make out and care for Bert. Lulu shouts all her lines. Everything is angsty and then it ends. Poor Adrian: three marriages, three kids, illness, minor celebrity and nothing would never change.

Best Lines:
“Looks like another evening chucking prawn crisps at each other.”

“London is rat fink Lucas’ stomping ground.”

“They’re not even in, probably down the pub, another sign of their complete indifference.”

“I’m angst ridden.”
“Well who wouldn’t be after lying in bed like a dying swan for a week!”
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