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Covert Affairs Season 1 Review, part 3

Fool In the Rain
This show needs a ranting super villain and less of Auggie the creator’s pet and Annie’s bitch sister. Speaking of the bitch sister, she whines and berates her ineffectual husband. There is iffy CGI and bad green screen. The bitch sister screams. There is idiot comedy. Joan annoys. Arthur busts Auggie. There are flashbacks to Ben. There is bad acting and Annie deals with a defector. This was dull. If the bitch sister and her doormat TV husband are living on savings: why is the bitch sister splashing out money on a catering website and a honeymoon suite at Niagara Falls?

I Can’t Quit You Baby
Annie’s bitch sister is an entitlemoo. Annie goes deep cover in London to find out what Vivian (Anna Chlumsky of ‘My Girl’) is up too. Jai wanders around. Vivian and her squeaky voice are perky. Annie gambles and is stupid. She’s all charm and no damn good. Her bitch sister (whose name is Danielle) needs to shut up. This was boring.

Best Lines:
“Are you wearing your encrypted phone?”
“Strapped to my thigh, not very comfortable.”
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