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Bedlam 2x04 + Breaking Bad 2x04 Reviewed

Bedlam 2x04
Scott (Lee Mead) and his brat younger brother move in. Ellie whines and is selfish. The horrible kid, Jude, screams and tries to kill his big bro. Everyone mumbles. The creepy assistant creeps. Ellie annoys.

Kate is still missing but no-one cares. Kate has a twitter account, sigh. Doesn’t anyone ever work? They’re always in the bar drinking. The boss Warren freaks. Kira whines. Ellie is knocked up by her ex-fiancee who hasn’t been seen since 2x01. Warren rumbles his creepy assistant and then the creepy assistant makes a claim.

Scott has to save his brother from the ghosts in a flurry of bad, bad acting. This was mediocre but nowhere near as bad as 2x03.

Jesse whines and annoys. Walt tries to reconnect with Skyler and Walt Jnr to no avail. Jesse’s parents kick him out of his house. They own it and don’t want their drug addict/drug dealer/drug cooking son in their house.

Jesse runs around screaming and taking no responsibility, no-one wants to know him. Walt doesn’t listen and Skyler and Walt Jnr shun him. Eventually Jesse and Walt end up eating breakfast because no one else cares. Meanwhile Skyler has gone off in a huff to smoke while pregnant in a parking lot. This was not good. Why should anyone care about this collection of whining losers?

Best Lines:
“Vacate the house in 72 hours. Otherwise your parents have authorised me to contact the authorities.”

“Why are you like this? Why?”
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