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Revenge 1x05 Review


Victoria seems to have a thing for her husband’s “creepy security goon Frank“. Conrad has no shame about his affair with Lydia. There is another event, the Open Arms Gala. We get more info on the downing of the plane, who was to blame and Conrad’s role in it.

Tyler stirs the pot. Nolan sneaks and spies. Lydia shows up to be stupid and annoying. Charlotte brats out. Victoria is honoured by Victims United Outreach, a charity set up by the families of Flight 197.

Lydia has no shame, Victoria may have some guilt, Daniel has no brains and Conrad is a horrible troll. This was okay. Lydia is a ridiculous character. Someone is pushed off a roof.

Best Lines:
“What do we do now?”
“Sit and pray that she believed me.”
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