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Trailers & 1996 Tape Tale

‘The Lost Diaries of Adrian Mole’ Quote:
“I reminded him that I had stuck up for him in the playground at Neil Armstrong Comprehensive when Barry Kent went on a bullying rampage after eating too many Walkers crisps.”

‘The Newsroom’ trailer
WTF is this?

Teen Wolf’ season 2 promo
Scott and his bimbo are still stupid.

‘Red Lights’ trailer
This looks rubbish.

I may review season 2 of ‘Teen Wolf’ and ‘Passengers’

Cleared out a tape from 1996. It opened with ‘Malice’ the Alec Baldwin/Nicole Kidman/Bill Pullman movie. This film is co-written by Aaron Sorkin and features Bebe Neuwirth and Peter Gallagher. Dr Jed (Baldwin) is gorgeous. Andy (Pullman) is a boring college administrator and there is a perv loose on campus. His wife Tracy (Kidman) is sickly sweet.

Gwyneth Paltrow pops up as a victim of the perv. The perv is played by Tobin Bell! Tracy undergoes emergency surgery which leads to her getting $20 million in damages. What is the point of the perv plot? Andy’s illusions about his wife are shattered so he sets out for revenge. This was iffy. What was the point of it all?

Best Lines:
You’re drunk.”
“And you’re stupid.”

“That’s so much better then locking your copy of ‘Beowulf’ in your friend’s car.”

“What did he say?”
“He didn’t say Tracy. It was a letter, he wrote.”

Then came an ep of ‘American Gothic’ named ‘Eye of the Beholder’. Gail annoys, Caleb annoys and Matt bores. Caleb runs around and gets no discipline. There is a ridiculous custody hearing. Meryln annoys and the ‘good’ characters are smug. This was dull.

Best Line:
“When she told my class about living in a crack house for two weeks just to do a first person story and how scary it was. They were all very impressed.”

Then came a season 3 ‘Forever Knight’ ep ‘Black Buddha part 2’ in which Ben Bass is cute. Nick’s stupid new partner Vetter annoys. A mad bomber is mad. The fragile vampire Urs (Kristin Lehman) shows up. This as boring.

Finally there was a ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ ep ‘Nor The Battle To The Strong’ in which Jake and Bashir are in a runabout when they receive a distress call from a colony. They go to help but Jake is totally unprepared for the realities of war. This is ‘DS9’ does ‘MASH’ and it’s good.

The colony is caught in the middle of the temporary breakdown in Federation/Klingon relations. Jack panics under fire and unravels in the face of the enemy. Then he wallows in self pity. Apart from some wild overacting, I liked this.
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