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Survivors Ep 4 Review

TPTB insult the 1970's original and then admit they discarded all the grimness inherent in the concept. That sort of attitude is what gave us this utterly boring, truly terrible episode. Various hoodies menace various people. Tom and three others check out Samantha's set-up only to be kicked out after Al whines like a 7 year old. The sole enjoyable point of this episode came when Tom was being eyeballed by one of Samantha's gang who recognized him as a bad un and asked the guy if he fancied him or something. Greg and Anya cook on the Aga with no explanation as to how they were powering it. Abby goes looking for Peter and gets some from a forest dwelling type whose ancestral seat has been invaded by hoodie squatters. This episode was a failure awash in a sea of mediocrity, this show seems worse than 'Bonekickers'.
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