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Book Review: Commedia Della Morte

Commedia Della Morte by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

It is France 1792, the Terror is taking place and the idiotic annoying Madelaine de Montalia has been arrested by the Revolutionary Tribunal. Saint Germain vows to rescue his former girlfriend/vampire protégé no matter the collateral damage. He travels to France with an acting troupe.

He and the troupe’s leader Photine are lovers to the fury of her idiot son who makes trouble. Saint Germain will let nothing stand in the way of his very slow rescue of Madelaine. As for Madelaine who is locked up in a foul jail during the Terror? We get almost nothing from her point of view.

This is a frustrating read at times. Photine, her son and Madelaine are all idiots. Roger still has no personality. But is does pick up after a while and is enjoyable even if it is not one of Yarbro’s better efforts in this saga.
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